A Decentralized Approach to Development

We must be cautious of any attempts to alter the distributed nature of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Qt open source project.

With decentralization comes greater opportunity for the growth and development of ideas based on their merits and encourages ingenuity.  As the “reference client,” Bitcoin Qt is an open source software project that allows anyone to work on the development of Bitcoin.

It is important to note that Bitcoin Qt is not controlled by the Bitcoin Foundation.  As the Bitcoin Foundation’s Lead Scientist, Gavin Andresen, does play an important role in the core development of Bitcoin. However, other Bitcoin related companies also hire developers to work on the core development of Bitcoin, and many developers donate their valuable time, effort, and expertise. This process protects the decentralized nature of Bitcoin and provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses within the Bitcoin community to positively influence the future of Bitcoin while maintaining a safeguard against changes that compromise the characteristics that make Bitcoin valuable.

It is constructive for businesses to give back to the Bitcoin community by hiring individuals to solely work on the Qt client in addition to direct support from the Foundation and individual contributors.

Open source software is vital to the preservation and strengthening of Bitcoin.

With decentralization in the development community, there is greater room and leverage for an increased number of individuals to enter the community to contribute.  There is value in the marketplace of ideas as trial and error and diversity of thought inspires the development of the strongest wallets, payment processors and software. There is too much risk in entrusting all development and protocol to a few. We must continue our commitment to the open-source ideals that make Bitcoin the resilient system it is today

The Bitcoin Foundation should work to encourage developers to learn more about Bitcoin and get involved to continue to improve and strengthen not only the currency but wallets and transaction methods.

As the reference client, we should work to ensure that the core of Bitcoin remains a stable platform for other software implementations. Providing a base, or “foundation” enables the development of separate feature-rich products that add enormous value to the Bitcoin community. Through outreach to the tech community and as an aggregate of information and opportunities for developers and coders to get involved, the Bitcoin Foundation will truly work to strengthen the Bitcoin currency with organized decentralization.

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