BITCOIN: The Optimal Catalyst and Vehicle for Charitable

One of the key, if not THE KEY, aspect of Bitcoin is the potential this currency offers to charitable and non profit organizations.  When selecting organizations to donate to, individuals often desire a more expedient method to donate.  Bitcoin is the most expedient method for payment to date.

I would work to educate non-profits and charitable organizations on the ease of transaction with Bitcoin and the many benefits of accepting donations in BTC.  Organizations such as Bitcoin100 have worked hard to reach out to charitable organizations and non-profits to share more about Bitcoin.  However, the Bitcoin Foundation can also assist in the outreach process and develop a page detailing opportunities for charitable organizations to accept donations in BTC and also learn from Bitcoin related start-up companies.  Education and outreach are key as many charitable organizations are not yet familiar with BTC.

More organizations are expressing an interest in or are at least more perceptive to the Bitcoin, so the Bitcoin Foundation does have an opportunity to answer questions directly or connect interested organizations to experts within the Bitcoin charity community.  The Bitcoin Foundation has made strides to educate businesses and individuals to transact in Bitcoin, but can now provide how to guides and tools for charitable organizations to embrace BTC.

Some of the key points which will need to be stressed to these interested organizations is the ease at which charitable organizations can fundraise with BTC.  With limited transaction fees (when using a payment processing company) and even an investment opportunity for charitable organizations, Bitcoin is a huge asset.  The Bitcoin Foundation has an opportunity to serve as an aggregate for information and testimonials on charitable organizations accepting BTC.

It is evident that BITCOIN is the optimal catalyst and vehicle for charitable contributions!


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