Concrete Steps for a Better Bitcoin Foundation


The Problem:
There is a clear and pressing need for the Bitcoin Foundation to take concrete and systematic steps to become a more agile organization in order to meet the needs of its members and better serve the community. One valuable way to make this a reality is to institute a format for member led initiatives where good ideas can develop and flourish. Currently there is no coherent way to make a proposal, or coordinate the efforts of individual members. The result is that many valuable and necessary ideas fall by the wayside after a post or two on the members forums, and no solid follow-up.

The Solution:
There must be a system implemented where ideas and issues can be elevated to an appropriate level for an organized discussion by the general membership. As a representative of the individual members, I will spearhead the implementation of a campaign that allows individuals to more effectively interact with the Bitcoin Foundation as an organization. By effectively coordinating the valuable time, intellect, and efforts of our members, we will change the nature of the Bitcoin Foundation from its limiting beginnings as a top-down group to an exponentially more effective bottom-up organization.

This situation showcases the advantages of “organized decentralization” and draws inspiration from Bitcoin’s open source nature that should be the soul of any organization with the name “Bitcoin Foundation”.

There is a need for a format for member led initiatives where good ideas can flourish and be developed. As a representative of the Individual Membership of the Bitcoin Foundation, I will spearhead the opportunity to make our organization more responsive to the Individual members, who are its greatest strength.


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