Education is Essential

The Bitcoin Foundation has an opportunity to support and strengthen educational materials and resources on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

As an information aggregate, the Foundation can promote the decentralized nature of Bitcoin through highlighting learning opportunities and news sources for not just the Bitcoin community, but individuals across the board who are interested in learning more about Bitcoin.  As the volume of Bitcoin related print, digital, video and audio media and resources increase, the Bitcoin Foundation can serve as an organized anthology for all things Bitcoin related resources.

As the Manager of Communications for Bitcoin Magazine, I have seen an increase in the number of Bitcoin related print and web publications, many covering specialized niches.

The Bitcoin Foundation must foster development of educational material through the Foundation website.  I will with the Education Committee to establish a Bitcoin Foundation Resource Center.  On this page of the Foundation website, an individual will be able to find a listing of all print, web, and audio resources within the Bitcoin community.

The main purpose of the Bitcoin Foundation Resource Center will be to point individuals in the right direction whether for a press, research, technical or policy related inquiry.  The Bitcoin Foundation should and can highlight the many excellent Bitcoin related education sources and in an organized manner promote the expansion of Bitcoin related media.  Ideally an individual will go to the Bitcoin Foundation Resource Center first to more expediently find a listing of various Bitcoin related material.

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