Big THANKS to Jason King of Sean’s Outpost for his endorsement! 

I support Elizabeth.

I think all of the candidates left in the race are awesome. Each has contributed in their own way to making Bitcoin a better community. I take a different stance from Tony. I think Elizabeth is exactly what we need, and she’s what we need right now. 

I think all of the regulatory and legal issues are extremely pressing. And I also believe that it is what most of the Bitcoin Advocate community and the existing board are ALREADY FOCUSED ON. To me, adding another echo to the chamber does not sound like increasing the effectiveness of the board.

I believe Elizabeth understands the importance of those issues. But where I see her excel is in her stance and defense of the need for education. To me, changing the public narrative of what Bitcoin is all about is more important than anything. Elizabeth really seems to get this. She is also very public on her views on Bitcoin for charities and non-profits and how in addition to just being a fricking awesome thing to do, it is a powerful tool on changing peoples minds on what Bitcoin can accomplish.

I have a nothing but respect for the rest of the field. I think we are really in a win-win situation with all the remaining candidates. But weighed out, I think Elizabeth has more potential to have a positive impact. 

So I’m voting for her.

No matter if you agree with me or not, please vote. And tell everyone else you know who is a member to vote to. We only had 40% turn out in the primary.

Just my .02BTC

Jason King
Sean’s Outpost
Keeper of the Forest 

I am thankful for an endorsement from Miami International Bitcoin! 

Elizabeth, Hi…

As founder and organizer of Miami International Bitcoin we are officially endorsing you for the seat. Many thanks for your continued contribution to the community. You have friends in Miami (and south) count on our vote and ongoing support.


Enrique Delgado
Miami International Bitcoin

My appeal to our members follows:

The Bitcoin Foundation Board final elections are almost here. I propose MIB officially endorse Elizabeth T. Ploshay. Having a friend on the board potentially gives MIB projects and ventures a louder voice in the foundation. I encourage MIB BF members to vote as one for Elizabeth T. Ploshay.

Regardless, vote early, vote often !

Thanks again,
Enrique Delgado
I am privileged to announce endorsements from former candidates: 

Duncan Goldie-Scot:


As I have told you privately, I am glad to support you in the next round.  I’m impressed with the energy you have been putting into the campaign and I am looking forward to that energy being used to help drive the work of the Foundation.



Nilam Doctor: 

“I recommend Elizabeth and also her support for International chapters.”

Ryan Deming: 


I just wanted to take a moment to publicly endorse you. Of the remaining candidates, you are best-suited to promote Bitcoin around the world, and of course, as we have discussed at length, to protect the Bitcoin industry from potentially onerous regulations.

In bocca al lupo!!


I am so grateful for the endorsement of Theymos (Administrator, Bitcoin Forum)

“I’ve decided to support Elizabeth T. Ploshay for the upcoming Bitcoin Foundation individual board seat election. In my opinion, legal support and lobbying should be one of the Foundation’s main areas of focus, and Ploshay’s experience in Washington as a congressional staffer should be very useful in this area. Even though she’s worked in Washington, she seems mostly libertarian, and she supports a reactive approach to government; she doesn’t want to bring up legal issues preemptively. She strongly supports decentralization, and she doesn’t want the Foundation to have centralized control over the Bitcoin network or ecosystem. Ploshay is the most qualified candidate for this position, and she also has the best and most clearly-presented platform.”

-Theymos (Administrator, Bitcoin Forum)

I am thankful for the endorsement of Charles Hoskinson, (Chair, Bitcoin Foundation Education Committee)

When I first had an opportunity to interact with Elizabeth it was roughly four months ago right when we were gearing up to launch the Bitcoin Education Project. I sent an email to Bitcoin Magazine requesting an article about our Udemy course and grand vision (I suppose those are in great supply these days ). Initially their response was a bit muted. I just received what looked like a well written template email from this Elizabeth Ploshay girl thanking be for my questions and saying they’d be in touch.

I figured that I’d been politely ignored and it was time to move on. It appears in life cynicism is usually rewarded with near presentient accuracy, yet something happened that surpassed my wildest expectations- I received a follow-up email from that same pleasantly polite girl with questions about our project and its goals. In the following month we’ve collaborated, I have come to know an intelligent, hard working and utterly dedicated (to a fault) woman who both understands our movement and its libertarian roots. Therefore, when she announced her candidacy for a board seat, I was inclined to invest serious time in a process I originally considered to be rather unnecessary. Due to the Matonis directorship, I am really starting to believe in the Foundation as an effective vehicle for preserving what I admire most about Bitcoin and I can think of no one better than Elizabeth to help guide us for three reasons. First, she is committed to something close to my heart- education. One of our biggest challenges as a movement is addressing the fear, uncertainty and disinformation that has been so rapidly spread by the media and self-interested actors. We are not involved in a fair fight when the criticism of our technology, economics and beliefs is based on a throne of lies. The only way we can begin to win is through education; free, in as many channels as possible and localized where we want to grow. Elizabeth understands this and will help mobilize the Foundation into a FUD slaying powerhouse. Second, she has worked in government for those who make the very laws and regulations we so fear and seek to avoid. I believe firmly that we must bravely embrace the battle Washington will eventually provoke and we need allies who understand the tactics, media and thoughts our enemies and potential friends on capital hill will invoke. Having worked for the Ron Paul campaign in 2008, I can recall the brutality of the process firsthand and I understand the value she brings to the table in this respect. Finally, Elizabeth has the time to commit herself full time to our board. I’ve had the privilege of meeting many titans during my lifetime from Elon Musk to Terry Tao and while I deeply respect their accomplishments and diversity, they share a mutual limited pool of time. Often their participation on boards, committees and other non-profit services take a backseat to their primary field. Talent without time equals limited results regardless of the person. Our board is Elizabeth’s domain and I know she will take it as seriously as a full time job. At 3 AM, she’ll be there, not building a rocket or trying to solve the Goldbach Conjecture. That’s what we deserve in a candidate, someone who shows up everyday working for us.” http://elizabethtploshay.com/ Thanks for reading and I wish everyone well,
Charles Hoskinson
Chief Executive Officer of Invictus Innovations
Director of the Bitcoin Education Project

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