International Growth and Outreach

The beauty of Bitcoin is it’s decentralized, international, peer to peer nature without a tie to one nation or centralized source of control.

It is critical for Foundation leadership to foster, support and help grow Bitcoin meet-up groups around the world.

One of my main goals will be to strengthen Bitcoin meet-up chapters on each continent through establishing the foundation as an educational institution linking to resources applicable to individuals around the world.  Someone interested in finding a Bitcoin meet up in any continent around the world, should be able to go to the Foundation’s website and search for and find the closest Bitcoin meet-up chapter to their hometown.  Through simply adding one page to the Bitcoin Foundation website a further international and decentralized focus of the Bitcoin community will be fostered.

Bitcoin can only continue to grow and service its intended purpose of being a decentralized currency without ties to one nation in particular through appropriate organization and execution of an international dispersion plan.

Bitcoin will flourish in different ways in each country and individuals on the ground on each continent will be able to better decipher and determine how the Bitcoin community can grow on site.

The Bitcoin Foundation site should provide helpful hints and tools for effectively carrying out Bitcoin meet-ups and even post success stories of Bitcoin meet-up chapters which have grown in size and influence.

An individual should feel empowered by the Bitcoin Foundation to spearhead Bitcoin meet-ups and even someday Foundation chapters and satellite offices around the world.  Remember, the Bitcoin community gains legitimacy and strength in numbers, and the spread of the use of the Bitcoin currency around the world exemplifies the internationally versatile trademark of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Foundation should serve as a resource for not only individuals but international Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related groups.  I will look forward to facilitating a Bitcoin meet-up guide and work to assist leaders and individuals who are passionate about the currency in nations around the world.

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