LOBBYING 101-Grassroots is Key

I will lend my understanding of Washington, public policy and lobbying to mitigate, .

The Bitcoin Foundation has an opportunity to elect someone with not only experience in public policy but also someone with first hand lobbying experience.  I first lobbied at the end of High School and since then I have continued to reach out to Members of Congress and Congressional Staff. I have an understanding stemming from experience of how to best communicate a message and when needed press for legislation to be passed into law.

Without an understanding of the inner workings of Congress and the legislative process, Washington can be quite difficult to navigate.  On Capitol Hill I served as the scheduler, Middle Eastern policy assistant and legislative correspondent for a Member of Congress in House leadership. As your representative on the Bitcoin Foundation Board, I will look forward to educating members of the Foundation and Bitcoin community on best practices in Washington and beyond in terms of international policy and plan to be a resource to answer any and all questions relating to public policy, lobbying, and how to communicate a message in Washington.

The Bitcoin community IS a force to be reckoned with, but must be organized, intentional and effective in any interaction with local, state, and national governments.  As your representative on the Bitcoin Foundation Board, I will work with the board members and committees to organize a Washington, DC Bitcoin lobbying day and then in turn work with international Bitcoin communities to organize Bitcoin advocacy days around the world.  Time is of essence and the Bitcoin Foundation needs someone with the energy, perseverance and most importantly the know how to provide the full picture of how Bitcoin is an asset to each policymaker in the US and around the world.

Please feel free to let me know if you have questions about my service in DC and lobbying experience.


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