Outreach to Women

In order to succeed, Bitcoin must expand in user base and utility.

To date the Bitcoin community is lacking strong support and involvement from half of the global population: Women.

After first learning about Bitcoin and now investing my entire career in Bitcoin, I see a clear need for a shift in mindset of the Bitcoin community to do a better job of sharing the value of the Bitcoin currency to all people, men and women.

With thousands of merchants and small businesses now embracing Bitcoin, there is need for men and women to learn of how applicable Bitcoin is to everyday life.

As one of a handful of females currently working to promote Bitcoin, I hope to foster a greater understanding and embrace of Bitcoin to an extent that crosses geographic and gender based boundaries.  While the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space is currently dominated by men, there is much need for women to learn more about how valuable Bitcoin is as a currency and investment opportunity.

With rising female leaders in the Bitcoin community, the Bitcoin Foundation must be more intentional about reaching out to women and providing tangible examples of how Bitcoin impacts their lives.

In order for the Bitcoin currency to thrive, men AND women must become more actively involved in the Bitcoin community.

I will plan to pay extra attention to details that women might note when considering getting more involved in the Bitcoin community.  The Bitcoin community must be sensitive to anything that may deter women from Bitcoin.

While, I plan to serve in a non gender bias capacity on the board, I hope to lend a new perspective and provide insight that otherwise might not be present in an all male board.

I look forward to working with women and men in the Bitcoin community to ensure that both men and women have equal incentive to embrace Bitcoin.

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