Concrete Steps for a Better Bitcoin Foundation

ELIZABETH: Bitcoin is only as strong as its membership base and involvement

“There is a need for a format for member led initiatives where good ideas can flourish and be developed. As a representative of the Individual Membership of the Bitcoin Foundation, I will spearhead the opportunity to make our organization more responsive to the Individual members, who are its greatest strength.”


Bitcoin Unifies

ELIZABETH: Unity from within the Bitcoin community will present the greatest threat to regulators and those on the attack. Vote for Elizabeth who will work tirelessly to bring the Bitcoin community, foundation and currency to a greater level of prominence and prosperity.

“Bitcoin and the ideals behind the currency and community prompt individuals to work together and share ideas from one nation to another between one individual with another regardless of background. In a limited government, free market, liberty promoting community such as that of the Bitcoin ecosystem, much can be accomplished as no gender based, faith based, cultural based, or even socioeconomic based glasses need to be worn.”


LOBBYING 101-Grassroots is Key

ELIZABETH: The Solution to

“Time is of essence and the Bitcoin Foundation needs someone with the energy, perseverance and most importantly the know how to provide the full picture of how Bitcoin is an asset to each policymaker in the US and around the world.”


Outreach to Women

ELIZABETH: She has what it takes to EXPAND the Bitcoin userbase by 50%!

“As a member of the Bitcoin Foundation Board, I will plan to pay extra attention to details that women might note when considering getting more involved in the Bitcoin community.  From how the community presents itself at conferences, in advertising, and in messaging, it is key to be sensitive to anything that may deter women from choosing to learn more about Bitcoin.  While, I plan to serve in a non gender bias capacity on the board, I hope to lend a new perspective and provide insight that otherwise might not be present in an all male board. I look forward to working with women and men in the Bitcoin community to ensure that both men and women have equal incentive to embrace Bitcoin.”


International Growth and Outreach

ELIZABETH: PRO-Bitcoin Prosperity and GROWTH around the world

“ As a member of the Bitcoin Foundation Board, I will look forward to facilitating a Bitcoin meet-up guide and work to assist leaders and individuals who are passionate about the currency in nations around the world.”


The BEST Nonpartisan, Cross-Cultural International Currency

ELIZABETH: Committed to the success and growth of a Borderless Currency

“As a Member of the Bitcoin Foundation Board I plan to expand the image of Bitcoin from just a growing digital currency to a cross cultural and borderless currency applicable to anyone with internet access which has such potential for growth.  With tremendous expansion of Bitcoin communities around the world in Argentina, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Canada to name a few, the Bitcoin Foundation must now not only embrace a greater international focus but also take on a stronger organized decentralized approach to strengthen international Bitcoin communities.”


BITCOIN: The Optimal Catalyst and Vehicle for Charitable Contributions

ELIZABETH: Strengthening the Charitable Arm of Bitcoin

“As a Member of the Bitcoin Foundation Board, I would work to educate non-profits and charitable organizations on the ease of transaction with Bitcoin and the many benefits of accepting donations in BTC.”


A Decentralized Approach to Development:

ELIZABETH: Protecting the distributed nature of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Qt open source project

“Open source software is vital to the preservation and strengthening of Bitcoin. With decentralization in the development community, there is greater room and leverage for an increased number of individuals to enter the community to contribute.  There is value in the marketplace of ideas as trial and error and diversity of thought inspires the development of the strongest wallets, payment processors and software. There is too much risk in entrusting all development and protocol to a few. We must continue our commitment to the open-source ideals that make Bitcoin the resilient system it is today.”


The Genesis Block Time Stamp:

ELIZABETH: Government does NOT know what is best!

““The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks,” serves as Satoshi’s choice to time stamp for the block chain as basic proof that he could not have made the first block before January 3, 2009.”


Education is Essential:

ELIZABETH:  knowledge is power, education is essential, and organization is key

“As a Member of the Bitcoin Foundation, board I would work with the Education Committee to establish a Bitcoin Foundation Resource Center.  On this page of the Foundation website, an individual will be able to find a listing of all print, web, and audio resources within the Bitcoin community.”


Reaching out to the Next Generation of Bitcoin Users:

ELIZABETH: Organization with a vision for the long term prosperity of Bitcoin

“The Bitcoin Foundation must also be mindful of the next generation of Bitcoin users and strategize how to continue to increase the size of the Bitcoin community. Many grassroots movements are known to start on college campuses and at universities. As a member of the Bitcoin Foundation Board, I will work to reach out to the next generation of Bitcoin users and recognize the potential college students have to advance Bitcoin.”


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