Reaching out to the Next Generation of Bitcoin Users: College and University Students

The Bitcoin Foundation must also be mindful of the next generation of Bitcoin users and strategize how to continue to increase the size of the Bitcoin community.

Many grassroots movements start on college campuses and at universities.

For future graduates, the Bitcoin provides endless opportunities for employment and investment.  With skyrocketing college tuitions costs, students are looking for expedient ways to invest and save to be able to pay off loans sooner and get out of debt.  The number of Bitcoin startups are increasing daily around the world.  Recent graduates can and should get involved in Bitcoin related start ups and invest in the currency, but first need to have a deeper understanding of Bitcoin and how it applies to their lives.

The Bitcoin Foundation, should include a page on the Foundation website devoted to the college age constituency.  While most college and university students are not yet members of the Foundation, the Foundation can create a forum page for students interested in connect with other members of the Bitcoin community and have an opportunity to post questions and ask more.  Having personal experience with campus and grassroots activism and organization, I would like to work with college students who are interested in educating their peers about Bitcoin.

The Foundation can provide an opportunity for college students to list their meet-up groups on campuses and universities.

Through serving as an aggregate of campus activism resources and campus Bitcoin meet-up groups, the Foundation will not only encourage more students to learn about Bitcoin but also strengthen the existing Bitcoin communities on college and university campuses.

As a member of the Bitcoin Foundation Board, I will work to reach out to the next generation of Bitcoin users and recognize the potential college students have to advance Bitcoin.


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