The BEST Nonpartisan, Cross-Cultural International Currency

What makes Bitcoin standout in comparison to any currency to date?  It is fully international, decentralized and expedient.  

Another key fact is that Bitcoin is nonpartisan and crosses over not only political party and ideological lines but also is useful to each gender, ethnic group, and individuals in various career paths.  As a digital, decentralized currency, Bitcoin can be transferred around the world removing barriers.  As members of the Bitcoin community it is key that we highlight the unique element of Bitcoin providing opportunities to individuals around the world with just the click of a mouse.

I plan to expand the image of Bitcoin from just a growing digital currency to a cross cultural and borderless currency applicable to anyone with internet access which has such potential for growth.  

With tremendous expansion of Bitcoin communities around the world in Argentina, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Canada to name a few, the Bitcoin Foundation must now not only embrace a greater international focus but also take on a stronger organized decentralized approach to strengthen international Bitcoin communities.

In essence, while being completely decentralized, Bitcoin also serves the dual purpose of being a fine unifier as well.  The Foundation can serve in the same capacity of staying organized and being a good starting point of information for those interested in Bitcoin but also fostering the growth of Bitcoin communities around the world.

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