Looking forward to meeting YOU at the 2013 Crypto-Currency Conference in Atlanta! Please feel free to stop by the Bitcoin Magazine table this Saturday.

WE DID IT!  Thank You for Your Support!

“Knowledge is Power, Education is Essential, and Organization is Key”

Welcome!  My name is Elizabeth T. Ploshay and I am now privileged to represent you and the Bitcoin community on the Bitcoin Foundation Board in the Open Individual Seat.

Let’s face it: Bitcoin is a phenomenal innovation as a digital, decentralized, cryptocurrency that can reach the ends of the world and back in seconds and has the potential to not just help people around the world but rebrand money as we know it.  For this reason, I am seeking your support to serve YOU on the Bitcoin Foundation Board to preserve and protect the founding principles of Bitcoin which have made this phenomena the strongest digital currency and if not currency to date.

More about me:  Having previously served as the Scheduler and Middle Eastern Policy Assistant for a US Member of Congress, I am now privileged to work alongside the Bitcoin Magazine team as Manager of Communications. With a background in public policy, and a keen desire to promote limited government and free market principles, I am fascinated by the multiple opportunities this decentralized peer to peer currency has to flourish.

As your representative on the Bitcoin Foundation Board, I will strive to promote an organized decentralized approach of the Foundation towards Bitcoin, outreach to men AND women within and outside of the Bitcoin community, international growth and outreach of Bitcoin communities around the world, an understanding of the nonpartisan, cross-cultural and international characteristics of Bitcoin, the use of Bitcoin for charitable purposes, a decentralized approach to development, organization of Bitcoin related media and educational resources, and outreach to the next generation of Bitcoin users.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and I will look forward to representing YOU on the Bitcoin Foundation Board.

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